Relationship with God through Prayer


by Natalie Olsen

Everyone faces daily trials. Everyone experiences pain, sorrow, loss, and hardships.There have been countless trials and challenges that I have faced in school, in family, and even in the littlest situations. These trials seem to spark the question, why is this happening to me? The one being that I am truly thankful for to have as a constant companion when experiencing these trials, is God; our Heavenly Father. Whenever you are facing a trial or experiencing a hardship, don’t think, just drop to your knees and pray. I cannot express how much prayer has changed my life. Through prayer, your questions can be answered. Through prayer, your sorrows can be uplifted. Through prayer, you can communicate directly with your Father in Heaven who has endless love for you and every individual no matter what hardships they are going through or choices they have made. Your Heavenly Father loves you and knows you personally.

personal-prayer-272817-galleryThe ultimate way to speak to Heavenly Father is through prayer. When you are kneeling down and thanking and asking your Heavenly Father for help and support, He is there listening to you. We don’t always have to pray at our bedside; we can pray throughout our daily lives whenever and wherever we go. Heavenly Father helps us accomplish even the littlest things. for example, before tests or finals, I can pray to remember the things I have studied. We can use prayer to ask Heavenly Father for guidance if we’re lost on the road. We can pray for anything and He will be for us. I recently heard a story from a little girl named Pheobe. Pheobe is 4 years old, and one day, she was trying to open the lid to her nail polish. She was having a hard time so she knelt down and prayed for Heavenly Father to help her accomplish this task. After the prayer, she tried again and she was able to open the lid to her nail polish. She then announced, “Heavenly Father helped me!” It is absolutely incredible to know that our Heavenly Father is there to help us through taking a test, finding our way, opening a nail polish lid, and through everything we are encountering in our lives.

In my experience, whenever I pray I feel as though I am talking to my best friend. A best friend is always there by your side and comforts you when you are in need of comfort. Heavenly Father is my best friend. He is there beside me through everything I do. He comforts me and knows what I am going through. The only way to keep in touch with my best friend, is through prayer. Every time I pray, the closer I become to my Father in Heaven; my best friend. He is our Father, he is our friend. I cannot even count how many times my prayers have been answered and my hard times have eased because of my Heavenly Father. I don’t know what I’d do without prayer, just like not knowing what I’d do without a best friend. He brings me happiness when I’m sad, I can feel his embrace when I’m depressed, and I can receive truth and guidance when I am lost. Our Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us more than we know ourselves. He is constantly by our side. If you are lost, depressed, confused, and in need of someone, pray. I know that He will answer your prayers and you can receive guidance and feel His love for you. I know this with all of my heart. Create a relationship with your Heavenly Father through prayer and you will never be lost. You will never be alone. You will always have someone to turn to. I know this to be true, I have felt true joy through prayer, and I know that you too can have this relationship with our Father in Heaven and truly receive guidance and happiness throughout your life.

Finding Hope Through Christ

In my life, I often fail to accomplish my goals and live up to the person I want to be. These times sometimes prevent me from being happy and feeling peace. I remember the pain and confusion I feel after sinning and failing to be the person that Christ wants me to be. I have felt directionless.

Yet, I continued to remember the sacrifice that Christ made for me and the love that He showed. From these thoughts I found hope in Christ, but this did not solve my problems. It did, however, give me the strength I needed to get on the right path. As I turned to the scriptures and prayer, God’s guidance dissolved my confusion. I felt like the Book of Mormon prophet Alma, who after sinning against God, found hope in the words of his father who had prophesied “unto the people concerning the coming of one Jesus Christ, a Son of God, to atone for the sins of the world” (Alma 36:17). Alma cries, “O Jesus, thou Son of God, have mercy on me, who am in the gall of bitterness, and am encircled about by the everlasting chains of death” (Alma 36:18). Alma then describes the exceedingly great joy that filled his soul. I have felt the same feelings of joy as I have repented of and forsaken my sins. I have felt freedom and peace.

The repentance process has proven to me the divinity of Jesus Christ and His personal love for me and each of us.

Knowing His love for me, I know he has a plan for my life. Understanding this has helped me gain hope that I can overcome all my trials. It has taught me to never give up, but to rely upon Christ to carry me through rough times.

I know that Christ is interested in my welfare. Through prayer, I know that we can each feel the love and help that Christ freely gives us. I pray that all will gain hope through Christ to overcome their trials. Trust that He loves you and turn to Him to experience His redeeming power.