Recognizing Our Self Worth

Most of us struggle a lot throughout life with not feeling confident in ourselves. We see the images that the media sends out to us and think that we must be that way too. We put ourselves down because we believe that we are not excellent. Women especially worry about outward appearances. Teenage girls, like me, worry a lot about what others think of what they are wearing, and how perfectly their hair is straightened.

In my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we know that we are sons and daughters of God. He is our Heavenly Father. To quote the young women’s theme, Heavenly Father “loves us and we love him.” When we are faced with trials, such as feeling that we are worthless, we can always remember that his love for us is unconditional. Though he wants us to look our best, he cares more about the way we treat others.

I have seen the power of helping others to see their self worth. When I help friends at school to see how wonderful they are, my own self esteem is built up. Helping others to see their beauty emphasizes my own. On the other hand, tearing down others’ self worth by pointing out their faults only makes my own faults more obvious. When I reflect on times when I have done this, I become upset at myself, thereby tearing down my own feelings of self worth.

We are often more willing to find fault in ourselves than good. One thing that we so often look past is our talents. We assume that because something is easy for us, it must be easy for everyone else, and therefore is not a talent. They are, however, talents. Finding these things is critical to being able to notice the good in ourselves. We believe that talents are gifts from our Heavenly Father. Recognizing these talents not only brings us closer to God, but also helps us to recognize our self worth.

I know that helping others to realize their potential as children of Heavenly Father will only strengthen our own self esteem. God sees the best in us, and what we could become. It is our job, as well, to recognize that potential and apply it to our daily lives.


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