Take Time to Pause and Serve

Imagine a world where no one cared about others and no one supported and served one another. This would be kind of hard to imagine, wouldn’t it? However, sometimes it feels like we live in a world where no one seems to care for others. We live in a fast paced world where everyone constantly has something to do; whether it be school, work, or extracurricular activities, we are always busy. We often get stressed because of the enormous amounts of activities we have to do. The stress we harbor can often lead to being depressed, sad, or angry. These emotions can cause us to have negative attitudes towards ourselves and others.

The city of Boston has a different ambiance than many other cities I’ve known. Boston is generally a busy city that is noisy, contains people that are in a rush, and has many things to do. I have lived in the city for a while and I am use to the city. My typical routine consists of taking the train to seminary, to school, and any other activities I am involved in. I often see people in a rush to get to their destination, people who always seem upset, people listening to loud music and not caring if they bump into others. Soon, I started to emulate the same behavior. I would take the transportation in a rush, stressed out, and not paying attention to those I passed during my daily routines.

I realized that by emulating the same behavior, I became unhappy. Much like the city scenario, we tend to rush through life not caring about the needs of those around us, but only our own needs. If we want to get to our destination on time, we would push pass those standing in our way, not caring how they feel. In life, do you pause and try to focus on the needs of others instead of focusing only on your needs?

This question takes a lot of pondering. I found myself asking this question and I realized I could improve a lot more by catering to the needs of others. There were times when I was in a rush and I did not smile to those who seemed sad because I was feeling stressed out or upset. One day I decided to switch up the way I do things. When I pass those on the streets who seemed sad I smile and ask them how they are. Sometimes my smile is enough to put a smile on others’ faces. As try to make others happy, I forget about my own problems and am happier.

It’s easy to think that if you spend so much time trying to help others then you will not accomplish anything or make things better in your own life. But God will bless us if we serve his children. One blessing that you will get out of service is happiness. Many times I have found myself happier when I am serving and supporting those around me because I know I am doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do. I am also happier when I serve because I love to see those around me happy.

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