The Invitation


Chances are if you are the friend or acquaintance of a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you have either heard them discussing their faith or you have been invited to some church function. If you have not, hold on… it’s coming. As a member, I enjoy having opportunities to share my faith with others around me. Contrary to what some may think, this is not a means of annoying, nor is it a sales attempt. It is a sincere expression of friendship and love.

Why do we feel the need to share what we believe? I can make the analogy of tasting some new and exciting dish or reading a particularly inspiring book and desiring to tell a friend, but for me, my faith has an even greater effect. The joy which I feel by knowing Jesus Christ is my Savior, by having His Spirit to be with me, and by being a member of His restored church is such a profound part of my life that I want to offer this same peace and joy to all those around me. The reason we talk of the Book of Mormon and offer for everyone to read it is because it has been and is a testimony of Christ in our lives. It has helped us to receive this His joy and to walk in His ways. It gives us counsel in times of struggling, and we know that it is the word of God as is the Bible. We do not want to keep such a blessing to ourselves but rather share it with all.

As saints, our journey to return to our Heavenly Father is not one which we want to complete alone because our joy will be greater if there are more of God’s children with us at the end to partake of eternal life. So, if a Mormon approaches you with a Book of Mormon or extends an invitation to spend some time with the members of the church, know that this is because they love you and they want you to know the same joy they have known in Christ. Do not feel obligated to accept our invitation; we are human and we understand that you may not be interested in our faith at the time of our invitation. Do not fear offending us and do not feel as though you need an excuse to decline; you have only to explain and we will understand. We only hope that you will understand that our invitation comes from our love and  joy. We are working for not only our own eternal happiness and well-being, but that of all of God’s children. So I extend the invitation to come unto Christ and partake of His restored gospel. The members of His church desire to welcome you and share in our joy. This invitation I give in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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