True Light

In science, light is a pretty complex thing made of particles traveling in waves and is often hard to understand. However, in the gospel light is very simply defined. Jesus Christ is “the light of the world,” (John 8:12). So our Savior, Jesus Christ, and his gospel are light.

Light is often associated with knowledge and with joy, which is right because Christ brings us both of these things. Darkness is often associated with ignorance, anger, and despair. Darkness itself cannot be eliminated; there is no way to get rid of darkness. It can only be displaced with light. In the same way, there is no way to eliminate ignorance and sorrow; it can only be replaced with knowledge and joy that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Light can also be thought of charity and love, and evil as selfishness, sin, and hatred. Christ teaches us to love all people, and when we do we will have a desire to do good—to have charity and to serve others.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our goal is to be like Christ and to bring others closer to him by shining his light. One of my favorite analogies is that Jesus Christ is like a bright light, and we are all little crystals reflecting his light. How do we do this? We strive to love and serve others, to be happy and uplifting, and to share our knowledge of the gospel with others so that they may feel the love and joy that we feel.

Most people my age dread going to church. They think it’s boring and dumb, and hate having to go. I, however, love going to church. It teaches me so much and makes me want to be a better person. I also love the friends that I’ve made through the Church because they are amazing examples of people who truly shine with the light of Christ. When I’m with them, I feel so happy and loved, and want to do serve others so that they can feel it too. I know the reason I feel this way is because Heavenly Father loves me, and he shows his love through other people. I wish I could share the light of the gospel with everyone because I love it so much and I wish everyone could feel the Savior’s love like I do and be as truly happy as I am, because I know this gospel is true and nothing else in this world brings me more joy or makes me feel more loved than it does.

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