Why Be A Mormon?

Why Be A Mormon?

Anyone who knows about our church probably knows about all the standards. It’s not a secret that we have many to follow and to some outside of the church it might seem crazy that we would want to live our lives being so “restricted.” People may also notice how much time we spend at church or doing church-related activities. That might seem crazy as well. For example, I spend three hours at church on Sunday and two more in the evening if there’s a youth meeting. I wake up at 4:50 am every morning to attend Seminary (scripture study) with other local youth at 6 am. On Wednesday nights, there is Mutual (a youth activity night). When I have sports, I’m always in a mad rush to get ready and finish my homework before I leave to the Mutual. On Saturdays, there may be a group activity for all the youth in our region, so over the whole week the hours add up. In church, we also have lay ministry or un-payed callings which we sacrifice time for as well. I’m the first counselor in the Mia Maids presidency, basically meaning I’m in a leadership position with the 14 and 15 year old girls . Sometimes that takes up time as well, particularly the meetings.

So why be a Mormon? It’s all worth it and I’ll tell you why. The many standards keep me happy and safe from the destructive things in this world. Because I don’t take drugs or drink, my life will forever be free from addiction and the problems associated with it.ย  My family will not be torn apart by an alcoholic parent or a sibling jailed for dealing drugs. By dressing modestly I can respect my body and earn respect from those around me. When I choose not to go to my Sunday sport practices I am able to keep the Sabbath Christ-centered and spend time with my family. Those are just few of many examples.

Overall, my life has been richer and so much better because of my religion. For all the hours willingly sacrificed, I get more blessings in return. It’s worth being Mormon when I see how my tithing money was spent towards a church building for those who badly needed it. It’s worth it when I see the smiles of a family after raking their whole property with the youth in my stake. It’s worth it when I know I’ll always have my Savior to rely on and that I’ll never be alone, as well as why I’m on this Earth, where I’ll go after, and that my family will always be together. It’s worth it when I go to the temple and get baptized and confirmed for those who are dead. It’s worth in when I get to spend my summers with other Mormon teens, making new friendships and having a good time. It’s worth it when I get chills from a church lesson, or get the indescribable feeling that comes from the Spirit.

I love my church! My religion is my life and my life is my religion. For me being a Mormon is as much a part of me as my eye color or hair texture. Believe me when I say I intend to keep the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a part of my life, now and always! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Amelia Schillemat says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your inspirational message! It is great to hear how dedicated you are to the Gospel! I really like how you said that being Mormon is just as much a part of you as your eye color or hair texture! That’s a really awesome way of describing it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Krsten says:

    I HAVE the same thing at school and my friends.probably they did not know

  3. Jean Israel says:

    Can I use the image of the 18 youth in Sunday Dress for an advertisement for EFY. Not sure we’ll use the image, but if we can get permission, I can present it. I love love love it.

    Jean Israel
    Marketing Communications
    BYU-Division of Continuing Education

    • Claudia Battezzato says:

      It’s not my image but that’s fine with me. Do you need my permission or the permission of the blog creators?

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