Why do Mormons Get Together so Often?

Written by Jackson, Kylie, Claudia, & Emma

It’s probably pretty easy to see that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons, tend to clump together. As Mormon teenagers, we receive lots of questions from our friends at school who wonder why we are “always together.” Although it is not a rule or commandment to stick with members of our faith, members of the Latter-day Saint (LDS) Church often spend a lot of time with each other. But what is it that makes us want to hang out so much? By deciding to spend time with each other and to attend church-sponsored activities, members can develop a stronger resolve and greater faith, be themselves, and avoid compromising their standards.

Members of the LDS Church have many unique moral standards: these standards largely set us apart from the regular crowd. Upholding these expectations in environments where there is peer pressure to lower the standards you’ve set makes it hard to stand strong to your belief. But having friends with those same standards who understand your struggles and know the boundaries you’ve set makes gathering together a much easier and less stressful experience. In other words, members with common moral standards can be examples for each other by choosing to live what they believe no matter what the world may dictate as appropriate. By building off others’ positive and uplifting energy, standards will be kept while having fun at the same time.

Besides choosing to associate ourselves with other members of our church in social settings, there are activities scheduled by the church for its youth in various regions of the world. Activities such as Youth Conference, Especially for Youth (EFY), firesides, and other spiritual meetings are created with the sole purpose of helping youth in the church stay strong to what they believe.

In particular, we’d like to address EFY in a Day. EFY in a Day is an all-day activity designed to strengthen the testimonies of its youth (comparable to a religious retreat). By attending the various classes, workshops, and service projects offered throughout the day, hundreds of LDS youth can gain a knowledge and love for God and his gospel. These classes are based on life’s most difficult challenges, and how to overcome them as a member of the LDS Church. Most importantly, EFY in a Day is an opportunity for young members to see the large group of individuals surrounding them who are faced with almost the exact same issues, decisions, and feelings in life. In our experience at EFY in a Day, we felt the sense of unity between every member in the room; we knew that we were all in this together. We felt an uplifting spirit constantly present that made us and all those around us feel happy and filled with desire to do good. Being surrounded by friends excited to serve and to learn about the gospel helps us to become anxiously engaged in it as well.

The Lord said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name . . . there will I be in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). We know that by sticking together and attending events such as EFY in a Day, the Lord will be with us.

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