Why Is Forgiveness Important?

As I walk down the hallways of school, the general ambiance is filled will tension and fear. School is comparable to the jungle where everyone is looking for protection and will do anything to get it. If a student was upset with someone, he will hold a grudge for a while. So everyone is on their toes trying not to get others angry with them. Students get angry with each other because they feel as if their actions can be justified and they have the right to be upset. The fear of not having mercy is on the minds of students in my school. High school is a very crucial time for teenagers because this is a time where friends are made and friends are lost. It’s a time where teenagers are bullied, rumors are spread, and teenagers get angry a lot more often.

If a rumor is spread about us, then we have the right to get upset, right? Sure we do. Can we choose to hold a grudge? If we choose to we can, but is it Christlike? No. Elementary school was one of the worst times in my school life. I was bullied by the same people every day. I dreaded waking up every morning for school because of the fear of being bullied. Children would bully me by calling me names, talking about me, tripping me, and making harassing phone calls. It took a huge toll on me, and I actually believed the negative things that had been said to me. The graduation of fifth grade came and I was excited. I graduated from elementary school thinking I would be happy, but I wasn’t.

The bullying that I had faced still did not leave my memory and I was still upset with those who bullied me. In my heart I was determined to make those who bullied me feel bad for what they did. So I decided not to forgive them. I would see those who bullied me occasionally and they wondered why I wasn’t talking to them; it was because I was still hurt and hadn’t been able to forgive them. I thought by not forgiving them they would feel bad; however, the more I held a grudge then the worse I felt. As time passed I eventually started to talk to them and realized that they’d changed. We would talk about what had happened in the past and exchanged apologies. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I forgave them. I would want others to forgive me, so I decided to forgive others.

Why is forgiveness so important? As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe in becoming more Christlike. Part of becoming more Christlike consists of forgiving one another. Holding a grudge against someone will not only hurt the person when they are seeking forgiveness, but also you. The Atonement is one of the most important things that has happened and one of the very precious gifts we can receive. What if Heavenly Father did not forgive us even if we did repent? It would be hurtful. However, Heavenly Father is merciful and will forgive us if we repent. Striving to follow the example of how merciful our Heavenly Father is will bring many blessings into our lives.

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