Why We Are Family

As a teenager, having friends is a huge part of my life. They make me smile as we have fun together and they make me happy as we bond. But no matter how close I am to my friends, I will always be closer to my family.

The love I have for my family is indescribable. They don’t just make me smile, they make me laugh to the point that a smile is permanently etched on my face. They don’t just make me happy, they make me shine so that my happiness spreads to others. And people ask me why I spend so much time with them.

A family is eternal. In my religion (LDS—Latter-day Saints, or “Mormonism” as it is more commonly referred to) we believe that families will be together forever, even after death. So building good relationships with my family is important to me. We eat dinner together and play games together; we say prayers together and read our scriptures together.

When my parents were married in the temple, we believe that they were sealed together for eternity—not just to each other but to all the kids they would have as well. With the knowledge that my family is eternal, I know that I need to exercise a loving relationship with them and that I need to keep my home a place of peace and kindness (or at least try to), a place where I can feel the Lord’s presence in my life at all times. Where I can feel safe and where I can feel loved, in a hope to have a loving and strengthening relationship with my family.

Like most families, we’re not perfect. I have an older brother so I’ve had my fair share of being teased, and I have younger sisters so I’ve done some teasing of my own. My parents sometimes disagree, but I know they love each other in the end, because that’s what a family is founded on: love. My brother may make fun of me, but I know that’s just how he shows his love for me.

It is important to have a strong and loving relationship with your family. Friends come and go; families are forever. I love my family. I want us to be together for eternity, and I’m so grateful that my religion has blessed me with the knowledge and ability to do so. My religion is the reason that my family is so close.

It is the reason we are family.

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